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How could Edwin miss from my Week of Pants? The brand based in Japan has such an attention to detail that hardly any other brand can give me such an inspiring vibe, when it’s time to put together a fly outfit.

Too many factors come into play for what seems one of the hottest designs that I have seen recently. Considering that I love ripstop, camouflage and short pants, the Universe Pant in these shots is an instant winner for these aspects alone.

Ripstop cotton has that appeal that makes it an evergreen classic in streetwear. Durable and with an utility look, this is the fabric that you wore for decades when it was time to rock your cargo pants but on a five pockets design like this… it is even cooler.

Camouflage is an exact science, if you ask me: rain camo is one thing and brushstroke camo is another. Imagine how fascinating I found this one-of-a-kind design created by the Osaka design collective behind this brand. A pattern slightly traceable to what is commonly know as Flecktarn Camouflage, but almost monochromatic, to me is something destined to stand out. Standing out for the right reason, let me add: you can wear a checkered neon yellow pant too but the way this pant sets itself apart is a thing of beauty.

This pant entirely made of cotton is labeled “cropped” on the website of the brand. Such specification means that this is a pant that you wear with a very low crotch, in the perspective of the brand, when you want to show off your sneakers and socks combo.

The last touch when it comes to this pant is its patch to define the branding, made of black leather With its relaxed fit and easy to match colorway the only risk when you wear this item is to love the way it drops to a point to… not accept any substitute. Fortunately Edwin section on Blakshop has more than this pant for you to pick… See you here tomorrow and remember: more pants, less problems!

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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