Edwin ● Yuka Fullzip Bomber Navy

With 2020 extremely close, it’s easy to think about the year that is about to be over and tell with precision what marked these 12 months: reflective accents and sherpa fur. For what concerns the first, I lost count of how many sneakers and apparel items I posted with reflective accents. Is the actual street coming back in streetwear? Does such feature represent it at its best?

The other element that marked such a transitional year as 2019, that is taking us to a new contamination phase through collaborations (and inspirations) among high end fashion end streetwear, is sherpa lining. How could this go unnoticed to Edwin?

The Japan based denim specialist that a couple of seasons ago changed distributor, making Blue Distribution its new Italian home, designed a magnificent item made of sherpa called Yuka Fullzip Bomber Navy. Adding a couple of elements such as cuffs and hem, borrowed from the original varsity jacket, spices up this monochromatic item, making it recognizable.

Its branding has been kept to a minimum, with a woven label stitched on the edge of the pocket. Once you wear you will feel a relaxed elegance that will immediately boost your confidence, knowing that you are rocking the hottest flavor of the season. The Japanese approach to streetwear doesn’t leave anything to chance: give a look to these pockets, stitched externally without any wrong fold.

Giving you a vibe that couldn’t get any cozier, this is the street fashion item to create mix and match items to no end. You can play it pretty much as you want. Do you want to play it dressy with a corduroy pant? Do you prefer to wear it with a colorful contrasting flannel pant. Available in navy blue and grey this item allows plenty of options when it’s time to impress.

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