Egreen – Purtroppo t-shirt

What can be said about Egreen that hasn’t been said already? The lyrical champ is a one man gang that can do it all with the sole power of his determination. He can be an ill lyricist, self promote himself on social media with a strong image that can be funny and real at the same time, become a national hero on Rolling Stone that talks about his crowdfunding album and last but not least he built a solid reputation for his name with nothing but smashing live performances. Need more? Apparently you didn’t… up to the moment the Purtroppo t-shirt dropped. How the f___ could Egreen have a vision that turned into a merchandising t-shirt like this?! For the non-Italians out there the tee says: “Me too unfortunately I have a rapper friend”. This is pure genius: to make fun of a sad but true fact where everybody wants to be an MC. It’s so damn easy it’s ridiculous, right? Wrong! To be an MC requires a passion that goes beyond YouTube visualizations. In order to stand out you gotta have the so called “gift” and a little bit of knowledge won’t hurt. Oh and since we are at it, don’t forget to be original. Do yourself a favor: stop trying hard to be what you are not and recognize that life is better in an Egreen t-shirt. Even if this one that Beatrice C is wearing has a stellar concept on it, there are a few others available on Egreen website. Our man is already an underground living legend: rest assured that his tees are legendary too. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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