Element ● Yakima Solid

There is a lot of confusion around in these days. You have regular people that aren’t part of our marvellous world dressing with spikes, getting tattoeed and shaving their head on the sides like their favourite football player. Then if you flip through a skateboard magazine, you see people dressed in Oxford shirts in skateparks. You’re getting to the point: it’s all about looking good, shock value is almost non-existent nowadays. What is fresh about Element is that everybody may find something that makes him feel confortable among their collection. A company that grew up little by little, organically like the tree that represents them, Element doesn’t turn you into something that you are not but cares about you. Several different styless are there, ready to cover all your needs, no matter if you’re a skate dad or a 12 year old skate rat. In this scenario, Element Emerald collection has something brilliant to propose us. If you aren’t a regular reader here, you may have missed the first instalment about an item of this collection: the review of the Prescot Elite, the shoe that put the Emerald collection on the map. What we are dealing with today is a piece that brings back the beauty in beautiful. Entirely crafted using organic cotton this Yakima Solid, here shown in Total Eclipse color, is perfect for your back to school attire, as you can see from this pictures with Jacopo L. You have the best of both worlds here: while you are doing an environmentaly friendly act, you are impressing your entourage with a fine cut of what you wear. There is no better way to feel at ease with yourself in your “off board” hours. A lightweight fleece that goes hand in hand with the period that we are in, this piece hit me because of the refined collar. Its sumptuous yet essential design makes it stand out in a sea of crewneck clones. Needless to say that the inside pocket is a rare sight in those others stale collections at your favourite shop. Perfect to hold your credit card or your 100 dollar bill for the night, you can see this hidden pocket from the stitching and the copper rivet with the Element tree logo. For those that want to look less sporty but still casual and true to their essence, the Yakima is the answer.

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