“Your homie Cornell was givin’ it to you up the butt/plus I heard Simone was the high school slut” (Canibus)

May we say that 2014 is officially the year of the crewneck? Little by little the item known as hooded sweatshirt is losing terrain in favor of this garment. Not all crewnecks are created equal anyway, therefore not all of them are good looking like this Cornell Striped Sweatshirt by Element.

Stripes in skateboarding bring me back to the EMB era, when you had all the pros chillin’ in striped polos. You may play tough, rock the latest patterns or give messages with a few words on your top piece but nothing beats the evergreen stripes.

It’s a way to express mystery not telling anything but at the same time letting go a message about how you care about your self and how you are into a timeless style. This color in Element catalog is called Dark Denim.

The washed shade of navy blue of this piece calls for much class even into a street wear outfit, let it be clear. Perfect to be worn with a light color, be it a chino or a denim pant, the item that Sally B is wearing is giving you the picture of how much Element puts care in details.

This soft sweatshirt with the little blue on blue embroidered Element tree and that crossed stitching in the area of the collar is ready to conquer everybody. By “everybody” I mean from your grandma to the skater that doesn’t talk much with you because you’re not part of his posse. This time he is mad about how cool you look. That dude is a bit like hooded sweatshirt: he’s losing terrain.

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