“Yo, I’m more rugged than slaveman boots/new recruits, I’m f****n’ up MC troops” (GZA)

Do you know the meaning of “love at first sight”? No, I’m not gonna end up on some cheesy Valentine post: I’m talking about loving beautiful things. As soon as I saw these Donnelly boots by Element I felt like a kid in a candy store: I just wanted what I saw.

A few days after, to make my pressure increase, on the Instagram account of Element CEO and founder Johnny Schilleref I saw it again with a few words as follows: “The limited edition Donnelly – Non performance based shoe, for casual and recreational use. Take a Hike!”. I may be easily influenced by its colors, I gotta admit, since neon pink and royal blue are very high in my personal preferences, but aren’t colors what captures the eye?!

I sent a couple of emails to my kind friends at Element Europe and there you go: Donnelly Boots are now here in the hands of Lucrezia R. Don’t make the mistake to classify easily these as winter boots: these are 4 season boots to get along nicely with nature. Lightweight, thanks to the union of the Phylon midsole with tough ripstop and stylish with a strong impact, you can’t hesitate with these on your feet: you have to be the king.

Three more color variations are available, beside this Atlantic colorway so if you don’t feel enough king don’t worry: Element got you covered with alternative solutions for your feet without compromising your style.

I’m running out of space but fortunately beside my emotions you can rely on a detailed tech sheet on Element website.

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