“We got papers like Staples/Marla Marples” (Rah Digga)

I’m pleased to present to my female readers some clothing that they can actually wear to look awesome and feminine this time and not the t-shirts that they stole from their boyfriends. Element Eden is always on top of things if we talk streetwear for women. Very few other brands are able to combine sweetness with street attitude, rural inspiration with modern fits like they do. Virginia S today is wearing a Marle dress. Essential in its cut, this short dress has an intertwinement shaped like a heart. Made of t-shirt fabric, just like the white, yellow and black ribbons that form both design and cord sash, this is all you girls want to wear this summer. Think holiday and carefree days where love for sun and nature take over the rat race state of mind. Love is the answer, once again. The same love for skateboarding that made Johnny Schillereff found Underworld Element in 1992, to make it become simply Element later on. He felt in 1999 that there was an opportunity to start something that others didn’t see: a savvy women’s apparel collection designed for a lifestyle both on and off a skateboard. Element Eden was born to bring to skate shops worldwide the garments that skate girls (or simply fiancées of skaters) always wanted to wear to show with pride where they belong. The same quality and attention to detail that are keywords in Element apparel can be found in this collection. So stop supporting mall chains stores with no soul: to show your big heart there is Element Eden.

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