“Dr. Butcher, Polo and Shannon/in case you got a nine in mind, bring out the canon” (Kool G Rap)

Summer approaching makes all the beautiful girls dress less and less but there is a thick line among being dressed very lightly and being vulgar. Element Eden doesn’t know about the second option as this brand brings forward with any piece two main concepts: femininity and sweetness. The female counterpart of the brand that sponsors skateboarders like Nyjah Huston the champ, street technician Chad Tim Tim and mr. clean Mark Appleyard set the goal a long time ago: avoid all the standard uninspired items. What doesn’t reach the taste level on which Johnny Schillereff vision has built his brand upon, doesn’t even get considered. From this mentality concerning the pursuit of excellence comes this Shannon Vest. I’m not the greatest expert on womens clothing but it’s evident that this lace tank top is appealing to any woman that is looking for the femininity and the sweetness that I was talking about here above. Lace was very popular during that New Romantic trend that made a buzz in the 80s but it was lost in a sense, up to its recent comeback where colors that are not black or white come into play. A very light shade of aqua green makes it unique: this is the top ready for your matchings, girl. You can wear it like Vivien M does here or you can even put together an outfit where you wear a t-shirt beneath it or another tank. You are now ready for urban finesse and I am pretty sure that my suggestion for your style won’t be lost and you will remind my words when you will enter any store that carries Element Eden.

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