“Like momma apple pie goodness, Johnny Blaze me/on the job like Dick Tracy” (Method Man)

This is one of those pieces that should let the pictures do the talking. All you should see is something like “Enjoy this top by Element Eden called Tracy t-shirt“, but you know me by now: I like to conversate over the pieces that I post daily. Element Eden is back on The Maxiemillion with an astonishing piece today. As you can see I took my friend Sally B on the river to shoot pictures of her in order to give justice to the brand philosophy of this piece centered around nature and the outdoors life. Isn’t Element Eden about a delicate poetry built around the female figure? This top is ready to explore the boundaries of a style that enhances femininity. We saw a lace top by Element Eden recently but it was very different from this one, both in material and design. Tracy t-shirt is not exactely lace in fact but rather a burnt out fabric. Its structure is based on a 60% cotton and 40% polyester composition that allows this light fabric to have such design. It goes without saying that this is the ideal top when it’s steaming hot (and now it’s even on sale, just in time for your holidays at the sea…). I think that all of you women will agree with me that there are a million ways to wear this piece. You can be a sweet Bohemian girl or a wealthy woman from the city and everything in between: it won’t be hard to adapt this top to your style.

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