“Jose Luis gotcha holdin guns in tons, general/Emanuel, rock emerald” (Noreaga)

Most of you think that Element is mainly a clothing brand and a skateboard company. Let me open new horizons for you.

Element footwear is a division of this brand segmented into skateboard shoes and lifestyle shoes. The latter is known as Element Emerald, just to state from the get go that this gem shines bright.

Here in the hands of Nadia R you have two colorways of the Baddock Lo: Chambray and Black Chambray. There is one more coloway called Curry and it’s made of suede. Don’t these shoes make you feel the need to be in Khaki shorts without socks sitting on the dock of the bay?

I can envision nothing but relaxed life looking at these kicks in the hands of Nadia R. With an outsole that may be boat friendly, what makes these Baddock Lo a must with shorts is that stripe of Native American fabric on the heel.

Sure, you can show this off even with rolled out pants or with jogger pants but honestly, think about these three scenarios and tell me if shorts aren’t the best solution to show off the potential of these kicks. Please, avoid the kit of two pieces with the same fabric like shirt and shoes in an outfit.

Personally such delicate choice doesn’t appeal to me but I see that it’s very en vogue, so just do what you like. Let me end telling you that these classy shoes can really make the difference next summer.

If I was you I’d go cop these now. Don’t say to me in June that there is not your size in stock…

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