“Not only cokeheads but the Feds in the Mercuray Topaz/after you, up the avenue” (Jay Z)

It seemed yesterday when I reviewed my first Element Topaz. It came at my headquarters just days before the visit of grandmaster Michael Kershnar from SF to Milan. This notable San Franciscan came in Europe to show his art, hang out with locals but also to present the shoes that Element dropped with his signature. Today I’m reviewing another pair that looks way different.

These Topaz Premium Trainers here in the hands of Barbara F are ready to become what you want them to be. These may be your everyday shoes that will go through your summer while you keep on wearing them sockless or you may consider these your special occasion shoes that are different and look awesome.

I think I opt for the second possibility. Their style is really clean but the colors picked up for the range make it everything but formal. The tumbled leather that the upper is made of make these Topaz shine only metaphorically because the matte color keeps them discreet.

The classic vulcanized outsole is really low and the fit of this shoe is similar to a glove thanks to its Performance Wrap Cup sole and latex heel counter. It’s one of those lifestyle shoes with a really basic design that make you think once again that looking simple is a key factor in looking good.

Take out the handsome boy in you, rock a pair of Topaz but be ready: if somebody throws in your direction a plastic cruiser, you should land a 360 flip in a few tries, exactly like monsieur Kershnar did that night.

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