“I flip like my name Turner, that’s for certain ni**a/Ted Turner, Nat Turner, ni**a Ike Turner/The raw sojourner for truth, the mic burner” (Riq Gees)

Element is a bit like Drake “Started from the bottom now the whole team f_____’ here”. I saw the whole phenomenon from the early beginnings. Were you aware of the fact that in 92 Element was Underworld Element?

At the time I was selling items from this company out the trunk of my car, since there were no real skateshops in my town. I love how this brand has had an evolution as organic as the tree that is in Element logo. Everything evolved in skateboarding: hardware, shoes, clothing and this brand is at the forefront of this perpetual movement like no other.

Once you had skateboarders dressed like ravers with a long silly beanie, a huge oversized flannel shirt and a baggy denim. Nowadays the beanie is folded, the shirt is not huge and stretch chinos allow you to look good and move all you want. There is more: the shirts are not cheap flannels anymore.

If good looking outfits are your thing, don’t underestimate this Turner ls shirt here worn by Francesca T in its Total Eclipse colorway. May I dare? There is something poetic in this piece. Its paisley designs turn you into a street lord that is smart to catch up with change and at the same time is a unique individual, following his own instinct.

Quite light but not too much, this cotton shirt has two different pockets on the front and a little label close to the hem as you can see from the fourth picture. Forget the bottom: now you are here and you should feel really good about how people perceive you today.

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