“I know how it feel to wake up f****d up/pockets broke as hell, another rock to sell” (Notorious Big)

With a no profit activity like Elemental Awareness still strong (and doing better each year), I am not surprised by the subject of this Element t-shirt. Or better yet, I am surprised by how nice this tee is and how effective is its message, but it’s only right that they came out with this piece.

Raising consciousness about what we can do about planet Earth that is getting sick and sicker, never was out of the focus of Johnny Schillereff brand. From the components of their footwear collection, to the dying process of fabrics, to give new life to skateboards turning them into cruisers, Element never said “I don’t care”.

Progress makes everything go faster, we keep on consuming and the rat race doesn’t even allow us to think for a second, as busy as we are. It’s up to Element to make us consider that if we act responsibly we can have a better place for the future generations and this is definitely a major issue in Element philosophy.

That’s why we don’t need to forget to take matters into out own hands and think about every little action that we take in everyday life: from the cars that we drive, to the amount of spray that we use, the food we eat, the plastic bags that we waste… Everything! In the meantime we can rock this Wake or Bake t-shirt like Elisa G is doing and start to change the world beginning from our actions. There is so much that we can do (and so little time…)

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