Ellesse ● Chatel Striped polo

Not many people understand how sweet is to rock a polo. Not a shirt but still very far from a t shirt, polos give you that sporty feel in the middle that doesn’t make you dressy but still shows people that you care about looking good. It’s all related to the past, polos were those relaxed elegance items that tennis players, rather than golf players over 40 use in their weekends and in their leisure time in general. Then we had rugbys, with their white collars that put the special back in specialty items. Therefore the great golf and roll swindle lead you into all those brands in the 90s giving you their version of the story and dropping everything they could think of on these garments. So, back to what we were talking about, for all those situations that require your person to look brilliant but informal, here comes the polo shirt to the rescue. You can buy a basic one or try to match the rest of your outfit, there are an endless list of possibilities with this item. What looks good obviously is to rock a vintage looking one, something that goes back in memory lane and makes you look modern retro. No stranger to good looks and vintage feel is one of The Maxiemillion supporters brand: Ellesse Heritage. With this Chatel Striped polo here shown in the Italia color, you can hear the jackpot bell ring this summer. A timeless color palette and a craftmanship that is about the quality and the longevity of the item, instead of a quick embroidery on an average basic polo is what we see on our friend Simona C today. Use this garment with no regard: it will always make you look fantastic. I gotta confess that I thought of  a cap in particular that would look dope with this but as you can see in the first four pictures here, you don’t need to rock a cap to pull it off. You think you have got what it takes?

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