Emerica ● Gamma White

I posted Emerica before on The Maxiemillion but it was a long time ago so… welcome back. This brand, part of Sole Technology group, is born focused on skateboarding alone and it never changed its approach. I worked retail back in 2003 at a shop where Emerica was a favorite choice among local shredders. The power of “This is skateboarding” video and its genuine lifestyle represented had everybody hooked with its sick team and pro models were flying off the shelves.

Fast forward to 2021 and nothing much changed: still serving the skateboarding community worldwide with the same dedication, Emerica iconic place remains the same. Its approach to designing new skateboard shoes is focused on a classic retro feeling. This is why its trademark green of its logo remains to make the branding even stronger.

This is why instead of opting for futuristic silhouettes, designers at Emerica preferred to rely on a timeless image, with inspirations on branding that come from the past such as the “frame” around the tag label.

The Gamma, here shown in its white colorway is just that: pure skateboarding. A structure where durability is a priority without forgetting that a good looking style makes you skate better. Starting from its one piece vamp there is a double stitched wrap around its toe cap and a rubber underlay make this style endure longer the wear and tear action of the griptape.

Cupsole construction contributes to make the Gamma last longer while its cushioning based on a full length EVA midsole will let you skate all you want without heel bruises.

Are you one of those purists that only skate suede shoes? Welcome: there are two other colorways and not all of them are leather.

I tell you all the time and I never get tired of it: give back to skater owned companies and don’t support sporting goods brands. Founders Pierre Andre and Don Brown were skateboarding their pro model decks more than three decades ago and this alone should be more than enough.

Can’t find these at your local skateshop?! Cop them from Emerica section on Blakshop website and you may even find a few discounted styles to bring home the deal of the Summer

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