Emerica – The Romero Troubadour Low Ed Templeton by Blue Distribution

Clash of the titans? Sort of. When you put together the skills of the rider that got blessed by Thrasher with a Skater of the Year trophy in 2010 with the undisputed champion of all the street skaters in 1993 you have a detonating pair of Emerica shoes. I am talking about Leo Romero and Ed Templeton. I know the second a little better than the first but it’s all under control, trust me. When you have a professional like Leo Romero you’d better recognize how good he is with a pro model skate shoe that bears his name and Emerica knows very well. This brand magnetized the attention of the skate community worldwide with This is Skateboarding, continued to get people stoked with Made and, guess what: Made 2 is on its way. Leo Romero even came in Italy on tour with Emerica back in 2005, so it’s no mystery for us that he is a gifted skateboarder. Among his three pro models available there is this Troubadour Low available in 8 colorways. Beside those you also have a special one, with a dumb nice Ed Templeton remix. You probably know that beside being a veteran skateboarder, he also developed his artistic side painting and shooting pictures for a while. Who could say no to his art on the lining and the heels of these Troubadour. Not Leo, that’s for sure. Made of corduroy because of the vegan credo that Ed Templeton chose as a way of life, this pair of shoes looks nice on and off your skateboard, like Blue Distribution can confirm you.

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