Emerica – The Westgate by Blue Distribution

Brandon Westgate is a beast. How can you say anything bad on a dude that came from NYC to show San Fransiscans how you’re supposed to skate their legendary hills?! Westgate deserved a top skate shoe as a pro model but rest assured: nobody knows this more than Emerica, being his sponsor since he was a rad amateur (he even came to Milan Central Station for a demo, back in the day). How can a skate shoe represent such a household name in modern skateboarding? With a very high standard. The Westgate is out for a couple of seasons already, it’s not the first time that it reaches my headquarters. During this time lapse our hero dropped a video part that, beside its stellar skate level, has a Ghostface Killah joint as soundtrack and this alone makes my heart beat faster. Nothing changed technically speaking but the colorway. This pro model in the hands of Sally B is designed to blend old school skate shoe designs with modern silouhettes, taking advantage from the researches by Sole Tech Institute. Just look at those flex grooves in outsole forefoot for quicker break-in period together with increased flexibility. Ventilated side panels for breathability and a one piece toe cap are there to assure you the level that I was talking about. If you want me to add a final detail, I love the East coast rugged weather style of those round two-tone laces. Accept no substitutes when you look for a proper skate shoe: it’s gotta be The Westgate. Ask about it to Blue Distribution, they love Emerica like I do.

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