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While you are wishing that your Summer holidays could last forever, éS is already at work, looking at the big picture and thinking of the next Fall / Winter season.

Of course after all these years as a premium skate footwear brand there is no need to state that skateboarding is the main focus of the brand part of the Sole Technology group. But not all skaters stomp on daily basis on California home turf: you may live in Northern Europe or in Thailand and you may face harsh weather conditions to go to the skatepark.

So, in order to stay authentic and wear on your feet something that brings your you out in any weather, éS created a duck boot.

Let’s take a step back up to 1911 and learn a bit about the origins of such footwear category. It was in that year that Leon Leonwood Bean (friendly called “L.L. Bean”) had enough of coming back from hunting or fishing missions with cold and wet feet.

Lumberjack boots were not enough to withstand the water element and rubber boots were too cold so… he blended the two. A duck boot is designed to keep your feet warm and dry without forgetting comfort and éS totally succeded with Accel Explorer.

Based on the design of the Accel, one of the best looking skate shoes of all times, these duck boots make Winter approaching a pleasure. Featuring an internal neoprene bootie for better protection and proper feet positioning and equipped to front rain with a full wrap rubber beltline, there is not much more that you can ask when you commute to the next skate spot.

Its silhouette is made of premium full grain nubuck leather with non-slip vulcanized outsole. With such tough structure is evident that Accel Explorer is destined to last, season after season, pampering your feet and telling the world what you are all about: skateboarding!

There is a whole éS Explorer collection consisting of three tees and one hoodie, beside another colorway of this style, based on a tan shade of brown, if you prefer. Next Winter, keep it chill: stay warm and dry with Accel Explorer

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