éS ● Accel Slim Skate Rat

Accel again? Oh, yeah: again and again! There is nothing I can do about it: to my eyes this iconic style stands out when I check éS Skateboarding range.

So, after I showed you in my posts éS x The Nine Club Accel Slim followed by Accel Slim Plus, how could I resist in front of the Accel Slim Skate Rat?!

There is something about all red shoes and if this colorway lands on the silhouette that I skated the most, how can I not end up with hearts in my eyes?

If you are a regular reader let’s say that you don’t need introduction to èS: founded by freestyle OGs Pierre Andre and Don Brown, this brand has an immaculate reputation whose legacy is carried by an all star squad that includes Tom Asta and Wade Desarmo, beside new school tech master Shmatty and of course OG Kelly Hart.

It is really the silhouette that makes me accept no substitute when I step on a board. Ok, being over 50 my performance is no longer relevant but I wore éS even when my wallride variations were decent. I love how my feet feel snuggled by Accel Slim, whose structure is that of the quintessential skate shoe: tough enough to protect your feet but at the same time giving you the perfect board feeling.

Bright red and gold paired with natural gum is royalty footwear. They should check you if you have blue blood before you wear a pair but fortunately for you it’s not like this. You too can enjoy the pleasure of such style, whose suede is ready to rub against your griptape, giving you hours of endless fun.

Like this colorway wasn’t brilliant enough per se, this Accel Slim Skate Rat (paying homage to Chinese Year of the Rat) comes with a complementary all red bag whose design is the same of the little golden rat on the heel.

With such epic design who could rep this better than Kien Lieu aka The Donger, legendary Shaolin master of the arts of the spinning wheels, both of his skate and his DJ console?! Peep his commercial of this skate shoe and take your sword out: éS is forever.

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