éS ● Block Gradient Tee

I don’t know if you are familiar with gang affiliations and the related movies. I found this universe fascinating to say the least. Little social groups whose affiliation is stronger than families while the outside world doesn’t matter much, as long as you have gang love according to your actions and the results.

One film that comes to mind is “Colors” featuring Ice T. The colors define your allegiance. What are you? Are you a blue bandanna wearer Crip or a Blood that rocks a red bandanna?

Translated to our post, the above intro is here to state loud and clear that éS is real skateboarding and skateboarding only. No gimmicks, no basketball or running sneakers but pure unadulterated love for seven plies of Canadian maple with four wheels attached. When you wear an item by this brand, be it a pair of éS skateboard shoes or an éS t-shirt, you are making a statement. You show your affiliation to a peaceful gang devoted to the feeling of riding a skateboard, founded by the dynamic duo of freestyler pros Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown.

Block Gradient tee shows your skate colors. Based on a graphic flip of the original éS logo (that you can see on the label on the left sleeve), this unmistakable branding is now served at you with a new look (and with an interesting sale price, to say it all). Tell the world that the tech side of skateboarding is what gets you hyped, representing the footwear brand worn by professionals such as Wade Desarmo and Tom Asta, beside tech shredder Shmatty.

Among the many achievents of this brand there is a video called Menikmati that is recently in its 20th anniversary. Its actual importance in skate culture make possible a Menikmati capsule collection with several juicy items. As you can see if you browse éS website, there are footwear and apparel that are able to identify you with your true colors. Roll proud of your colors when you skate with éS: you get ’em stuck off the realness.

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