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Skateboarders make the world go round, I thought you knew. We originated our shops and now the whole world is borrowing the concept, we thought that tees should be provocative and now every brand is taking a suggestion from this and we skated in cargo pants before everybody discovered how effective this military garment is. The list is long but let’s say that skateboarding style gave a lot to street culture in general.


Time to take back what’s ours, says éS Skateboarding and I couldn’t agree more. This is why this Cargo Jogger pant ended up here: I needed to put order in this mess and I know that I can rely on this brand, carrying the torch for OG skate style.

The key to this pair of urban Woodland camo pants is hard to see in pictures: its twill. Much more similar to a thick t-shirt fabric rather than canvas, the composition of this cargo is 96% cotton 4% spandex. You can wear this item and be totally free of restrictions when you skate, even if its fit is relaxed and not baggy. Its drop looks fine and it’s also water repellent thanks to its éS Repel Technology.

Its thigh military pockets are wide and just there, at the height of your hands. Its two extra pockets make the difference, especially the left one with its red rubber label, that tells the world what you are all about: skateboarding!

Nothing is missing: from flaps covering back pockets to belt loops this pant is ready to adapt to your lifestyle. Die hard skateboarder? No worries: this pant has a waistband drawcord just as you like. Fresh to death / part time shredder? Watch how your pant lets your socks and kicks combo show off thanks to its elastic drawcord at hem.

Complete with its little velcro pocket to put in coins or a couple of spare bearings just in case, there is nothing more real to wear for your next skate session. Go check éS Skateboarding on Blakshop and make your best choice to keep on making the world go round…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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