És ● Contract Ronnie Craeger

Skate shoes are in every skateshop but not all of them may have the privilege of having such an iconic skater on its tongue. I may have used the word “rad” but Ronnie Creager is beyond that status. He was at the forefront of technical progression in the 90s, riding for Foundation first and Blind later, being the ultimate skate rat, transmitting a genuine sense of fun with its lines.

Me and my friends always looked up to his ads in Big Brother, his footage at World Park was always heavy and his “skate all day/skate all night” type of character felt authentic even on this side of the ocean.

When I had the chance to see Craeger in person win Lords Of The Lines at ASR back in 2007 I was amazed by his control. No wonder that És wanted to include his face in És Contract serie in company of Wade Desarmo, Kelly Hart and Tom Asta.

This is a remake of a power move stylistically speaking that had És in 2003 putting the face of its riders on the tongue of the first Contract. The outcome was a style whose look is closer to a lifestyle running shoe, compared to the other styles of skate shoes that dropped back then. Have no fear: these shoes are thirsty for skate action and all its features are lined up to give you what you look for.

With its upper made of a mix of synthetic leather and suede in the right places and an STI midsole to cushion your impacts and giving you that much needed board feeling, not being too thick, it’s safe to say that the Contract Craeger deserves a test.

So next time you end up shopping for shoes at a skate shop that deals with Blue Distribution, don’t make any wack move: it writes És and it reads street skateboarding shoes.
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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