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One of the things that gets me on my toes in this streetwear world is the ebb and flow of some items in particular, be it a shape of a cap rather than the evolution of different fits. This éS jacket, representing with a straightforward approach the City of Angels, gives me a good occasion to talk varsity jackets.

I think that it must have been 2015/2016 when this category was at his apex but I started falling in love with this American classic way earlier. It all started during golden age hip hop. No matter if you were Chuck D or Ice T, in the 90s you were wearing a nylon jacket to represent your favorite sport team with coordinated cuffs, hem and collar.

After the team varsities, around 2000 or earlier, skate and snow brands created jackets of this kind, and I gave you a fair share of those that sooner or later fell on my radar. Only recently I started to see this comeback again. Some brands overcharge their designs with patches and embroideries while some others prefer to keep them essentials.

Being éS a skate brand whose footwear and apparel collections are more leaning toward a retro sportswear image, it made complete sense that this brand would give us his take on such jacket. Part of the Fall Winter éS collection of 2019/20 (Drake wears in his videos jackets from several years ago, why shouldn’t you wear something from last season?), this Fan Jacket shows love to the city that team rider Kelly Hart calls home.

The wordplay to include éS with an accent at the end of the word Angeles is actually the only visible branding, if you don’t count the inside label. Being a bit misterious is the point of strength of this varsity, that borrows the same color scheme and colorway of that Layup Pullover, posted here 4 months ago.

Keep it mean and keep it clean, this is The Maxiemillion and there’s gonna be one winner: you when you wear this! Give an eye to éS website and get familiar with the recent releases of footwear and apparel.

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