éS ● Layup Pullover

I can’t put it dow in a much simpler way: you gotta love éS. I don’t want to go back to the glory days of Menikmati, but looking at the team now you have nothing but street skaters that form like Voltron. From skate nerd 360 flip king Kelly Hart and his contagious laughter, to Shmatty the boss of hi-tech street finesse these two give you the picture of what style means.

Do you prefer Tom Asta flip in flip out technique or you rather the G’d up attitude of Canadian Wade Desarmo whose latest part in Encore speaks volumes in street knowledge? This unit stays true to the street skateboarding game and considering their impressive swagger it would have been an error not to dress them properly.

éS knows perfectly, that’s why the OG footwear brand born and raised by skateboarders for skateboarders developed its apparel collection flawlessly. Today we give a quick check to Layup Pullover, a conceptual hoodie that belongs to the Fall / Winter collection of the brand.

I did not bring out the “conceptual” word by accident. One thing is to “screenprint a logo” on an existing hoodie while another one is to “design a hoodie” with a colorway and all its details in mind. Dedicating this Layup Pullover to the City Of Angels, the brand in a true skateboarding spirit incorporated its name as the bumper of the words Los Angeles. This brings it all back to when skaters were all about fun and creativity, far from the jock spirit that seems to prevail these days.

This white fleece is dumb nice for the color alone. Nothing is more fresh of a white hoodie, all year round and this is the only color available of this item. It has a contrast lining of the hoodie and a custom cord with a strong outdoor vibe that couldn’t be more crisp.

The time has come for you: show the world that no sporting goods company can buy your soul… Peep éS website closely and you will find all you need to sharpen your street steez.

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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