éS ● Main Block Pullover

I realized recently that not many can relate to several eras in skateboarding, let alone live in first person the countless emotions coming from them. So while surely I can’t claim a trophy for my skills, I witnessed firsthand most skater trends. Decks had non existing noses and a set of plastic accessories to drive environmentalists crazy, very different from current popsicle shapes. I went from Pushead designed t-shirts to Jimmy’z shirts, from Jim Phillips timeless designs to Evan Hecox modernist deck series up to Baker logo decks but one item stands out over everything with no sign of slowing down: the oversized hoodie.

You may opt for this or that style, indulge in color blocks, allover prints small logos, basically whatever floats your boat but as a skater at the end of the session (or while it’s cold for real) nothing has the power to give you the sensation of protection of a hoodie.

If you had an updated history book of what is happening now in skateboarding you would know that most of the sporting goods brands that are on everybody’s mouth when it comes to footwear… weren’t there when it was an underground thing.

éS was born in 1995 from a vision of Pierre André Senizergues and Don Brown, two professional freestyle skateboarders that after planting the seed of Etnies in 1986, felt that it was an opportunity not to miss to create technical advanced footwear to adapt to the fast pace of skate evolution.

So while it’s easy to say that it’s “just a hoodie” it is also true that your fleece speaks volumes about you and your perspective on skateboarding. If original values, progressive tech tricks and genuine passion fill your heart, body and soul, this Main Block pullover is for you. When you have skaters like TJ Rogers, Wade Desarmo and young’un Shmatty rocking éS skate shoes, you know you can trust them. Let alone premium skate nerds Kelly Hart and Steezus are behind the scenes, designing and team managing the squad.

Feel free to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: this éS pullover hoodie that has no expiration day, staying crisp for many seasons to come. Available online on éS website.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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