éS ● Silo Midnight Tech Pack

I can’t stay off éS for too long. Blame it on my not-so-young-anymore age, on my punk background or simply on a good ability to tell who is who but this skate footwear brand is exactly on my wavelength.

I was raised questioning everything. This, applied to skateboarding, made me search for brands to endorse whose intentions go beyond design progression and an all star team to put in your face that costs millions.

Such logic that does not belong to skateboarding, once a global community of outcasts, that was used to see the world from a different perspective but… not in recent times. It seems that in this sense éS is frozen in time: passion, creativity and commitment of people with good intention are key.

I first reviewed an éS style 7 years ago and today I’m happy to repeat history with a milestone in the range of this brand. Part of Midnight Tech Pack, this is the third éS Silo to land on The Maxiemillion. We first had the chance to see this style at the end of 2018, when it first came back, and more recently last Summer when the Menikmati Capsule dropped.

Fitting the chunky sneaker trend that is popular these days (don’t forget: these skate shoes were designed way before such trend existed), this style has the whole package. Its gradient colorway is strategic for what are current seasonal tones: camouflage is more and more including orange accents and purple is having a recent renaissance.

Structure wise this multilayered upper include mesh side panels and tongue that give maximum breathability, beside keeping the weight to a minimum. Suede is strategically placed on the toe for a proper flick while for what concerns impacts you can count on its molded Energy Foam insole for a proper cushioning.

The touch ready for the night is in its reflective heel tab that may be small in dimensions but big in style.

Time for you too to endorse this brand day and night: buy this style from éS website. Midnight Tech Pack is available together with 25 year collection that just dropped, hurry up…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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