éS ● Silo Satin Pack

It’s a story that any sneakers fan knows: according to its colorway, any style can change drastically. Regardless of its name and field of excellence in sports, every brand has a few staples in its sneakers range and observing their evolution, changing colorway from a collection to another is one of my favorite pastimes.

The latest inspiration to hit éS Silo is called satin. That shiny lightweight fabric represents the best way to create a bridge among real skateboarding and a urban luxe vibe so let me introduce you éS Silo Satin Pack.

Part of a essential capsule collection that beside this style includes éS caps and even an éS lightweight bomber, these skate shoes are thirsty for action but I would go with the OG formula to rock these: wear them to walk the longer the better, once they start to feel old at your eyes skate them like you were TJ Rogers in the latest Blind video part.

There is a strong reference to the OG bomber jacket, army green on the outside with a bright orange lining. To increase to the maximum such inspiration, the lining is even quilted, making the comparison with the bomber even stronger.

Satin and a velvet looking premium suede live in harmony in a tough upper destined to protect your feet from any skate trick gone wrong.

I can’t lie: this is one of my favorite skate shoe styles design wise. Such reason took me to review an all black Silo first, then the Menikmati colorway, then Midnight Tech version. This one we are checking out today is ready to give a run for their money to all the overpriced chunky sneakers on boutiques shelves.

What’s not to love in éS? Don’t ask me: from its styles, to its evergreen red and white logo to its team manager Kelly Hart, holding it down as the funniest skate nerd ever at The Nine Club, I truly don’t know.

Add to this my deep respect for éS founders Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown for their dedication to skateboarding and you will become a fan like me in no time. Let alone how well these Silo Satin match my parka these days…

Shop online for éS Satin Pack at this link.

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