És ● Silo

Let me quote Mobb Deep here and “get you stuck off the realness”: skateboarding makes the world go round. Not only that private label of the skate shop originally from NY is the most sought after in the entire world of fashion but… skateboarders invented chunky sneakers.

It was at a point during the 90s, hip hop was fresh back then, taking part of the skateboarders by storm and skate shoes started to get bulky with a strong inspiration coming from basketball sneakers. I’m talking about looks, not performance: a skate shoe has to give you board feeling in the front and possibly cushion your heel from impacts while basketball sneakers revolve around a whole different concept of bouncing.

So if these days retro sneakers are constantly making the news, it’s better to give props where props are due: originators of the skate footwear game. Who but És could explain you the chubby tech theory?! With a slight inspiration coming from the OG style called Scheme, the footwear gem that is under the spotlight today, here in the hands of Elena S, is the Silo.

With a structure where suede overlays meet the breathable mesh that is so functional to keep breathability in a skate shoe, the Silo is approved and tested by the whole És team.

It’s the Thermothane quarter panel on the side to catch the eye in that matte colorway, making your skate shoe padded and protective. Such feature adds retro flavor in a sneaker ready to fit the times we are in.

This all black colorway has reflective accents to give you visibility, making those night sessions more safe.

Being an old school skate shoe, give it a little break in time to get your sole smoother, wearing it a bit before you start to skate it regularly. Enough for now, it’s almost Christmas.

No, I still have something left to say: Blue Distribution is in charge of És for Italy so you can let your shop connect with this distributor in order to avoid sporting goods company taking over completely (getting you stuck off the fakeness).
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