éS ● Swift 1.5

When you think of skateboarding do you put first fashion or function? Today we focus on the second because there won’t be any reselling deal on this éS style while its actual value is priceless.

Welcome to real skateboarding, where what counts is how a skate shoe can actually endure a long and lovely relationship with griptape, regardless of limited editions, raffles and hard-to-find styles. Forget long walks at the mall and think instead about Sole Tech designers, with 25 years of experience in skate shoes that kept evolving.

We owe to them the design of this Swift 1.5 that is under our eyes today, a skateboard shoe whose design may share a few traits with éS Accel Slim that I posted already, but after a close inspection it looks different in several key features.

Look at its one-piece toe cap. With its construction, based on the grippy suede that all skate shoes should be made of, this style opted for a Thermothane reinforcement to last longer.

Another feature that puts durability as a priority is its silicone embossed accent for added durability and lace protection. YéS, that is where that upside down drop stands for: celebrating the accent that you find in the branding.

I can only imagine the problems coming from the accents of éS founders Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown back when they founded the brand in 1995 as the second brand of Sole Tech, after Etnies. Go figure a Parisian and a Brightonian in a foreign land like the United States: I guess it wasn’t easy at first…

What is now easy for them, on the contrary, is dropping a functional style that meets the demand of a skate team that includes from rising LA street star TJ Rogers to mr.clean Wade Desarmo. Recently I also put my inspecting eye on Italian éS flow shredder Ciko De Galitiis and he is constantly ripping, staying true to the éS lifestyle when it comes to living the streets and expressing yourself through a skateboard.

If this post made you ponder what your skateboarding stands for and you recognize the genuine approach of the brand, all you have to do is browse Blakshop éS section and pick your favorite your skate shoes (regardless of your accent…).

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