És ● Symbol + Main Block Symbol t-shirt

Can’t it all be so simple, man? For real, when És had in its roster Tom Penny, Eric Koston, Arto and even before The Muska. Do I sound enough nostalgic? Yes I am and I ask you to forgive me.

Nowadays the brand can count on street technicians such as Tom Asta, Wade Desarmo and Kelly Hart, beside super Am Matt “Shmatty” Chaffin, so all is good in És hood.

This is why the brand can enjoy the vibe of the good ole days and drop designs like the Symbol, that leave both old school players and new school cats with heart-shaped eyes.

Bulky silhouettes, wavy midsoles, multilayered uppers… it’s weird that what I am reviewing corresponds to what these days high fashion sneakers are “borrowing” from OG skateboarding but here we are about street skateboarding, not front rows at fashion shows.

As puffy as you want it, the Symbol has become a… symbol of És renaissance. With its multicolor side panel bright as only 90’s tennis track jacket can be, this colorway says a lot about the retro nostalgia of the designer. That’s why this pattern is also available on the Main Block Symbol t-shirt.

Colorways aside, the thing about these skate shoes is that they worth your money. The Symbol is solid and reinforced in the main wear and tear areas, but beside that its padding makes you feel protected and wanting to skate more. STI Energy Foam Midsole does the rest, providing comfort.

Do you indulge in dangerous night sessions because freaks come out at night? The Symbol got your back thanks to its reflective accents, that not only look very fresh but also make you visible when a car points its light at you.

What I see here is a winner from any perspective you want to look at it. És street credibility is through the ceiling if you think how much time passed since its first skate shoe dropped in 1995. Do yourself a favor and rock Symbol next time you skate: it’s time to give back to the originators.

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