éS x Menikmati ● Silo + OG Logo t-shirt

“It’s simply mathematics”, “Check it out” scratched DJ Premier on Mos Def “Mathematics” joint and nothing could fit today’s post with such accuracy.

If 20 years ago éS dropped a video that changed the way skateboarders perceive their favorite pastime, it was only right to celebrate that special moment in time with a limited edition és x Menikmati capsule.

Under the direction of Fred Mortagne, Menikmati displays 58 minutes of skateboarding of the finest form. With a line up consisting of Arto Saari, Ronnie Creager, Rodrigo Tx, Tom Penny, Rick McCrank, Bob Burnquist and Eric Koston for an ender, it’s easy to understand how iconic is this visual representation of the art form known as skateboarding.

Giving it a worldwide perspective definitely pushed skateboarding more. With its meaning in Malaysian that corresponds to “enjoy” this video is pure eye candy, showcasing skills above the norm captured by one of the greatest videographers ever.

This Silo, with its chubby tech design, has the retro appeal that make skate shoes special. Do you remember when I first posted this style in a previous post, as soon as it made its comeback?

With a multilayered design that blends full grain waxed leather and suede where it is most needed (this means on the side panels, ready to give the right traction to grip tape) this OG style is ready to make an impression at the skatepark.

Its thick Energy Foam Midsole, together with Molded Energy Foam insole are ready to cushion your impacts properly.

With a heel panel complete with Menikmati cover, this style relies on a classic color palette: black with white and red accents. To make you visible both heel pulls and tongues have a reflective stripe, and this adds a special feature that makes these skate shoes special.

Part of the capsule is also this Menikmati OG Logo t-shirt that states loud and clear how much you care about milestones of skateboard culture.

You do the math at this point: if Silo shoes are still produced and their silhouette is more than current there is a reason. Then, if you think that Menikmati came before all the corporate interest by sporting goods company, you know what to wear on your feet when you skate…

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