És x The Nine Club ● Accel Slim

My last pair of És was an Accel. I bought it around 2004 when I was working retail, picking up the finest product the shop had to offer.

Back then I was skating way more than these days (beside having a smashing tye dye Fresh Jive tee to match in brown, khaki and yellow). Those days, going at Cosanostra Chelles park every Wednesday with the Pacific Wear shop team, doing my best to work that pyramid with the few flip tricks I had under my feet are memories so vivid that I could start to cry.

How about talking about these skate shoes instead of me?! After its stellar period where És had a superstar team with the likes of Koston, Rodrigo Tex, Tom Penny, Arto Saari, PJ Ladd and Mc Crank, the brand had to face sporting goods invasion in the sacred skateboarding territory. This lead to put the brand in a stand by mode, just to come back in 2014 on Valentine’s day.

It was back then that I posted here the Accelerate in a navy blue based colorway but this time we are dealing with a first class collaboration.

Being team rider Kelly Hart also part of The Nine Club together with Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley and being És sensible to such immaculate communication project, the collaboration among the two entities was an opportunity not to miss.

It couldn’t be any better if you think that “the show that has skaters talking” provides in depth information about key figures of the skateboarding community from Bastien Salabanzi to Nuge, from P-Rod to Bam.

Welcome to the return of the real, where the brand that nowadays is endorsed by street technicians by the likes of Tom Asta and Wade Desarmo, beside the above mentioned Signor Hart, delivers you a gem.

With the perfect skate shoe structure, made of suede and synthetic mesh on the tongue and lining, the Accel Slim has that pointed toe ready to flick your deck (hopefully better than me in 2004). Feel free to support this operation whose realness factor is just what skateboarding needs, shopping on És website.
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