És ● Accelerate

You have seen it on skate medias and social networks, so I can’t do nothing but confirm: És is back. I’ve had quite a few skateboard shoes from this brand, being team members Chad Muska, Eric Koston, Tom Penny, PJ Ladd and Rodrigo TX among my favorites.

A brand that through its ups and downs has been up for several years, then it went down and it lost momentum up to the point of disappear, just to come back last Valentine day. Of course, the return of És is an act of love: for skateboarding, for classics that you don’t want to be gone forever and for the unstoppable evolution of footwear.

The main reason is the love of skateboarding. CEO and founder Pierre André Senizergues is getting a good feedback worldwide from the best skateshops that deal in this brand. The classic models, the skate shoes that you kept on wearing colorway after colorway, now had a restyling and the result is more than satisfying.

The evolution of footwear is represented in this model called Accelerate, here in the hands of Lucrezia R, by the area on the side that gets the wear and tear of your grip tape. The Accel, the mum of this shoe, had an ollie pad there while this Accelerate has Thermo Plastic Urethane fused into the suede.

The outsole stays true to the natural gum that was often seen back in the day in most És models, but its wavy design gives it a modern style. Fashion without forgetting the function: can you imagine how nice should be to kick your board with that one piece toe cap?

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