Estevan Oriol ● LA Fingers hoodie

I was moving my first steps into the blogosphere when I first told you about this timeless icon known as Estevan Oriol LA Fingers. The worldwide photographer got remixed by another icon from Los Angeles known as Han Cholo, that G jeweler in Echo Park, a few years ago, probably with his agreement. But I know for sure that Givenchy did not ask to mr Oriol if it was ok to bite LA Fingers: that’s one of the many stories he told me when I met him last time at Bright in Berlin. This means a very simple thing: this design is a classic. The realness of that chola doing an L and an A sign with her fingers evokes all the scenarios that LA may bring to your mind, from Hollywood to gang members from the hood. The version printed on the deck is more a photographic print while here on this hoodie is rather like a photocopied version, to add a sort of rawness to it. This LA Fingers hoodie that Martina B is wearing here also has a little brand logo screen printed on a side of the pocket and a label stitched on the other side, just to make sure you’re rockin’ an authentic product. Part of Upper Playground collection called simply Estevan Oriol, this hoodie is distributed here in Europe through Double H. That’s why you don’t have to worry if you don’t find it around and you want to cop it: get it at Double H online shop.

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