Estevan Oriol x Upper Playground ● Banana Hoodie

Remember the last Estevan Oriol hoodie that I posted? It was a totally different style. If that was more Estevan Oriol icon, this here is one of his women that never cease to make us dream. On this Banana hoodie we have not only a hot women eating a banana but an example of what the concept of worldwide love means. This Oriental girl is not from Los Angeles this time. This is a shooting that Estevan Oriol had in Japan around ten years ago. So an LA photographer like him can tour the world, take some pictures and then the brand that goes by his name prints tees and hoodies that you can find in most part of the planet, from Milan to Tokio and back to Los Angeles. We can play with sexual references to no end but this kind of photography is art, isn’t it? It makes you think to what your emotions generate in your brain but basically this is a human of the female gender eating a fruit. Quite rare for items belonging to Estevan Oriol collection to have a part that is in full color and not only black and white, this type of print is extremely suitable for white fabric. Look at Roberta L in these pictures. She is rocking a mens hoodie with all the sweetness of an xl garment like she stole it to her boyfriend. This print is like a strong statement but never before I told you that this would be distributed in clothing chain stores at the mall. Estevan Oriol brand is in fact distributed as part of the Upper Playground collection through Double H in the whole European territory. Get this hoodie on Double H website because, as Gwen told you back in the day, this sh*t is bananas.

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