Ethik ● Game Assassins jacket

Part two of the Ethik “3 days special” that I’m making it with the support of Atipici Shop is here. If yesterday we warmed up with that In The Cut long long sleeve tee, today we are hot like lava.

You know, it’s relatively easy to come up with tees and caps in general; the real skills of independent brands like the one we are dealing with comes out when we talk about cut & sew items. When we talk streetwear a lightweight windbreaker is mandatory but this is not evident if you never hang in the street and you observe all this in the safety of your sleeping room. If you skate or bmx once you have been doing it for an hour or so you may start to feel cold and this is the kind of item that protects you while making you look sharp (and it doesn’t take much space in your backpack).

Well, not all of them make you feel sharp like this Game Assassins jacket does. Sure thing: the choice of colors is crucial and this is what it makes this item shine. Two different tones of woodland camouflage are picked carefully to get paired with orange and… white. The brilliant vision is exactly this: to put white close to camouflage and not black like you usually expect.

Game Assassins stays true to its name as you can see from these pictures of Marta P: it kills the competition. With its color block structure that has inserts on the sides and a full print on the front you may agree with me but there is more. A print on the hoodie is not your everyday feature and this 1990 probably is the year of birth of one of the founders but it’s just my supposition.

Aren’t you more hyped on Ethik now? Give a look to the other items from this brand on Atipici Shop and of course the rendez nous is here tomorrow for the third installment of this Ethik saga. You guessed it: it’s another killer item…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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