Ethik ● In The Cut long sleeve tee

Ethik is the voice of the underground screaming loud and clear. This brand hailing from the Lower East side of Manhattan, NYC represents the authentic energy of the streets. In a moment where high end fashion maisons feel the need to gain credibility adding “a little street touch” in their overpriced collections lacking in inspiration, Ethik is the real deal.

Meet the creative outlet of Chris Jennings and Alex Hage-Boutros, the two founders whose first step was to print six designs in their apartment in NYC in 2010. Fueled by the passion for streetwear in a scenario like New York where their connections are in BMX, skateboarding and hip hop, the two start to have a good feedback about their honest approach.

This lead Ethik to gain exposure, through a hard work of pop up shops, rather than their presence at SxSW (the famous music festival) and a street team of BMX and skate aficionados, ready to put stickers in their town and to represent to any extent the brand they love.

Ethik fame slowly expanded even here in Italy where another voice of the underground called Atipici Shop felt the vibe that this brand is spreading. That’s why in ole Italian boot you can find this brand exclusively there. That’s why me and Atipici want to propose you a proper presentation of what Ethik is all about.

Starting from this In The Cut Long Sleeve tee worn by Marta P, we will have a three days special about this brand that went very far from screen printing t-shirts but… can’t forget how sweet is a black and white long sleeve tee.

Following the scheme of a flavorful item of this kind, Ethik logo is small in the front, big in the back and repeated along the length of both sleeves. The claim Downtown Dwellers is referring to the fact that action sports fans keep on gathering in the same spot (in this case Downtown Manhattan). Come back tomorrow for more Ethik…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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