Ethik ● Trekkor Anorak

I love to take you by surprise and this is how this Ethik “three days special” got structured. Once you saw In The Cut long sleeve tee two days ago, Game Assassins jacket yesterday with its woodland camo patterns you didn’t know what to expect, right? Welcome to the third installment of the special on Ethik, made in cooperation with Atipici Shop.


Our friends from Turin have a penchant for all things fresh. With their solid street roots as a hip hop duo, Atipici owners brought hip hop mentality in their shop and this comes out mostly by the principle of being original. No other Italian shop carries this brand from New York, the city that influenced the most their taste as artists.


Back to our special on Ethik, this time we made Marta P model for us Trekkor Anorak. This lightweight jacket completely made of ripstop nylon strikes at first because of its vivid color but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Its original cut and the little details are the keys to this item.


Slightly longer than an average jacket but not enough to be a parka (even if it has the fishtail), this anorak has contrast colors for every part that composes it. Like a true anorak should, it has a central pocket covered by a flap with press buttons but also a kangaroo pocket at the bottom with two zippered pockets.


Why so bright you ask? Times change, is my answer. If once you were elegant and mysterious dressing in all black, nowadays… you are just somebody that doesn’t know how to deal with colors. Being a brand that count on the support of BMXrs and skaters, these street soldiers need to be seen somehow when they “play in traffic”, right?


To make this three days special more complete, you can even check out the making of video on my YouTube channel so you can have a larger picture of what streetwear means today.


For further informations and a sharp perspective on street style, Atipici Shop has all the answers.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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