Etnies ● Quality Control Pullover Hoodie

There are so many topics related to Etnies that I may have an hard time to create a cohesive text today but I feel like basically, being my own boss, I can do how I want.

Etnies is the first brand that created a pro model skate shoe when it gave the almighty Natas Kaupas such chance of a lifetime back in 1987, just one year after the brand got funded. It is for this reason that every other skate footwear brand shall look up to Etnies, just like every DJ who wants to do a remix shall look at Diddy.

Talk skate action these days and I have an image in my head from a few days ago of Chris Joslin on Instagram nollie backside 360 heel flipping a gap at the skatepark. My comment on that has been “It gotta be the shoes”, I swear. Remember his pro model? I posted Etnies Joslin Vulc here on The Maxiemillion last August, in case you missed it.

Another street ripper from Etnies team that I have my eyes on these days is Blind pro Nassim Lachhab. From a daily Instagram observation (together with words of OG pro Florentin Marfaing) I can tell you that the rookie earned his stripes and is now ready to play in the big league. Annihilation is the word when he reaches a spot. Flip in, flip out, reverts the hard way, the fun never ends for the first Moroccan skate professional of all times.

Last but so not least when you have a veteran like Don Brown behind Etnies steering wheel, what can you expect if not the realest of the real skate footwear brand?! DonBrown recently had an interview for Slam City Skates website that can give you the picture of the effective involvement in skateboarding of the former Vision pro.

I made this post kinda like a Big Brother caption, talking about what I want but the item pictured. But this is real skateboarding and creativity not only is accepted: it is encouraged. So feel free to browse Etnies website and cop Quality Control Pullover hoodie that you see here and your realness factor will levitate like Nassim switch skating over any double set in front of him

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