Etnies ● Sultan SCW

There is a footwear brand that can you can call “Chris Joslyn and Ryan Scheckler shoes sponsor” but it is way more than that. Etnies is celebrating these days its 35 years anniversary and it is a living example of the hands on approach “by skateboarders for skateboarders”.

Born by a wicked vision of Pierre Andre Senizergues, he saw a bigger picture that took him to take full charge of Etnies potential rather than keep on working with Rautureau family. He quit Paris and he landed in Venice Beach with the dream to leave a mark in skateboarding history that could reach beyond his status of Pierre Andre freestyle pro skater.


Risking and putting your life on the line is not easy to figure out, especially if you are a teenager living with your parents, but make an effort and try to imagine that. It’s not an everyday decision but in Pierre Andre perspective the existing risk of losing it all did not stop his plan.

After all these years Etnies maintains a leading role among real skate footwear brands but it also evolved to cover other sides of action sports. This means BMX ready shoes but also styles that respect Vegan principles and even Winterized shoes. We will talk about the latter today, giving a look to the Sultan SCW.

Available in three different colorways, this style couldn’t have a better timing considering how outdoor style has a major traction these days.

For those that need to commute regardless of the weather and for mountain trails aficionado Etnies designed a silhouette whose features are perfectly aligned to these two scenarios. In order to create something outstanding, this brand thought of a strategic partner and here Michelin comes into play.

The tire brand that needs no introduction lent its iconic tread design to create an outsole that does not slip on any terrain, whose durability was also a crucial point beside stability.

Thanks to its 3M Thinsulate insulation you can keep your feet dry but also stay visible in the city with its reflective accents. You guessed it: the Sultan stays true to its name, letting you lead a king life. Give a look to Etnies website, there is your new realm to discover…

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