Etnies – Classic Sherpa Zip fleece by Blue Distribution

I don’t know where you live but here in Italy, even if we had a mild winter, cold weather is far from being over. This season saw a massive resurgence of sherpa lined garments in all types of styles: from vintage to classic sportswear, like in our case. Etnies knows what it means to skate in cold weather: don’t forget that the CEO of this California based brand is originally from Paris, where winters are pretty harsh. Skate sessions are the same all over the world: you meet your friends at the skate spot and after you skate for a while you start to sweat. This piece that Lisa R is wearing will keep you in a good shape, regardless of the weather. Classic Sherpa Zip fleece is designed with the needs of a no frills skateboarder in mind: beside its internal reflective label and a small ton sur ton embroidery on the chest, you have nothing else beside this nice two tone string. Warm and cosy, this piece is the zipper hoodie that you can’t live without. The end of the season lets you get this piece as a bargain, if you feel like shopping online at Blak and it goes without saying that this is a smart move. No matter the trend or the flavor of next season: this hoodie is something that will never get out of style, so you can wear if over and over. Etnies and the other Sole Technology brands do care about you and your skateboarding: no wonder they are with Blue Distribution since day one.

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