Etnies – Icon outline snapback + Lure t-shirt by Blue Distribution

You probably noticed already that, even if black has always had a massive presence in all styles of clothing, in this period its influence is even bigger than usual. Black with a touch of white, that’s what everybody wants in this period and being Etnies a brand run by kind people, they are giving black and white to the fans of the brand. No, it is not turning into what it’s not: Etnies is still the same action sports brand focused on skateboarding that it ever was. It’s not by accident, as a matter of fact, that the most talked about video part these days is Chris Joslin opener of Plan B “True” where mind-blowing tricks are possible also because this little big rider is endorsing Etnies shoes. I am presenting you the Icon Outline snapback together with Lure t-shirt today. That minimal logo on the cap makes it subtle and discreet but the shape is on fire. I love the crown and the flat visor is just what headwear connoisseurs want to rock. If we want to go deep I am crazy about that yellow rubber label where the snap closure is. Lure t-shirt has an E logo in the center of a fingerprint. Your identity comes into play in front of such a concept. The way you ride a skateboard is as unique as your soul is, exactly like a fingerprint. If your intention is to look good like Beatrice S in this pictures, tell your shop that it would be nice to get in touch with Blue Distribution: it’s never too late to start to carry Etnies shoes.

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