Etnies x Magenta Skateboards – Scout Koichiro Uehara

Tell me that you are an avid reader and you read each and every post I write. Ok, you are not but here I am to save your soul. Basically you should know about two posts: the first one that I wrote about Etnies relax shoes called Scout and the other one that I wrote about Etnies x Magenta skateboards collaboration on that Leads jacket and you are set, there is not much that you need to know. When style heavyweights of the streets Etnies and Magenta decide to put together their efforts nobody is safe, as you can see from these pictures of Laura O. The Scout is a very versatile shoe that looks good in any color and considering the huge worldwide success of this model, it would be a wrong move to leave it out of this collaboration. The skater Koichiro Uehara is at the center of this operation so it was only right to put his name on the tongue of this Scout together with Magenta logo. The pattern with these sort of shells has an exotic impact as you can see. An ultra light shoe like this has been put to test to survive the black & blue color pattern and it comes out as a winner. As you may imagine this is a limited edition only available in Italy through very few selected shops that belong to Blue Distribution roster hand picked personally by Magenta. If you are looking for something special to wear when you are in your non-skating days, look no further: Etnies and Magenta have the right Scout for you.

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