Etnies x Mizu ● M8 Bottle

We are at war, in case you did not notice. Our enemies are ignorance, superficiality and selfishness. Those that don’t know, those that don’t think it’s responsibility of every person on the planet to care and those that think that one less or one more it’s the same. Take action. Make yourself heard because if one of us wins, we all win.

Etnies sent over a quite unusual item that we are already familiar with if you have a memory… strong as steel. Enter the Mizu bottle, a new accessory you can’t live without if you belong to the action sport industry at any level. The first time we stumbled onto this life saver was 2015 and now thanks to this OG skate footwear brand we see it again.

Mizu has a simple mission: reduce plastic by any means. Think of you going out for a skate session. What will you put in your backpack to stay hydrated? A plastic bottle full of water, right? Wrong! Get some water from the big bottle or better yet from a tank but don’t forget to think that every plastic waste doesn’t vanish or disappear magically: it needs to be disposed correctly. It is in this way that we can create new PET bottles from used ones or recycled fibre for the nylon lining of your jacket or the panels on the side of your sneakers.

We need to fight out war on more fronts and one not to take lightly is this one, offered you by this Etnies x Mizu M8 bottle. To make a long story short, steel is the best way to carry water and to be specific this is a single wall design item made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

It is also BPA free: no Bisphenol A (a common building block in resins and some types of plastic) has been used in the making of this item.

So make sure you support the right cause: get your Mizu bottle from Etnies, a brand that since 2011 planted 2 million trees, one for each pair of shoes that you bought! See in how many ways you can contribute to win the war?

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