“Now as you pump your fist I reminisce/to a bounce, rock, skate, roll” (Posdnous)

I got nothing but love for Etnies and Scheckler. The first is an original skateboard shoes brand that went through the struggle, up and down but never left the field, pushed by the love of skateboarding, to do the best they can in order to improve skateboard footwear. The second gets love wherever he goes all over the planet because of his skateboarding power that reached stellar status, both in the streets and in top contests. The Marana, his pro model shoe, is not here for the first time. We have seen these skate kicks in December 2012 already, courtesy of Blue Distribution. A few things happened in the meantime: you had the Marana Vulc version for the fans of the vulcanized outsole and then this one in the hands of Nadia R. It’s very similar to the first version. What hits the eye is the new label on the tongue but if you look closely this, compared to the previous version, has three more stitchings on the upper, to add solidity to its structure. If these were labeled as the most durable shoes ever when they first got released, nothing much changed in that sense: the plastic toe cap infused in the suede shuts down the competition. A functional sole designed following the tread of an old car tire will provide the much needed grip that your skating action deserves, while the STI Evolution Foam midsole does not flatten out and will be responsive to rad skate sessions à la Scheckler over gaps and massive rails. Your feet are set now: only add skateboarding.

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