Everlast ● Squared Circle Men’s t-shirt

There is nothing I can do about it, when I saw this t-shirt my mind went straight to those House of Pain bars that go: “Everlast, that’s my name / My unique rhyme style’s my claim to fame”. No matter what I may listen to these days, but 90s hip hop shaped my persona and what I am today so let me tell you that these golden age rhymes also adapt to Everlast philosophy

There is so much about a name itself: Everlast. Lasting forever. Never stopping, to say it à la Diddy. For this alone I have to recognize that Everlast always stayed true to its essence: a top brand for boxers needs, from technical hardware to apparel. Recently it approached the urban music audience sponsoring top Italian MC Nitro with a logic that I can’t do nothing but back up: Nitro is knocking out the competition just like Everlast.

An Everlast t-shirt tells a lot about you. It says that you love staying in shape, feeling a dynamic lifestyle and appreciate a loyal fighting match. It’s exactly the point with this Squared circle t-shirt. Being this just another way to call the ring, this t-shirt belongs to 1910 collection, as you can see from its woven label.

When most of the brands thought that screen printing the inside label is next level, Everlast felt like giving importance to this element was just another way to make it more precious, hence its red contrast stitching on the back of the tee. On the below print you find the claims that this brand revolves around: custom edit / chosen few. Time to show with an Everlast tee that you are custom made and nobody is like you, that you were born to do your thing in the squared circle.

Amoda, the Italian licensee of this brand from New York, is putting extra care crafting this collection. Considering its high level of quality at a reasonable price, it surely is a winning choice if your shop wants to claim fame just like Everlast the rapper…

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Photos cortese of Simone Montanari

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