Everything you wanted to know about shoes for sidewalk surfing but you were afraid to ask

I know, I know, Huf SF premiered this book on February 21st so it has to be dope. That’s what I thought too and that’s why I bought it. I took this thing as if it was a stamp of approval from an expert and, boy I couldn’t be more on point! Let’s make one thing clear: you may buy a book, but memories are not for sale. Some memories are priceless, so what do you know about being 20 y.o. in Italy and work in one of the first skate shops ever in this nation?! Nobody saw skaters on tv at the time, videos you could buy were Vision Psycho Skate, Santa Cruz Streets on Fire and Powell & Peralta Search for Animal Chin. Dopest skate shoes were Airwalk, any colour, any model. I’m nearly crying now. This book is all about the skate shoe evolution with insider infos, unknown to the public. Glossy pictures that make your heart beat faster. This is only if you lived that, not if you’re twenty, you never dreamed of doing Natas or Tommy G tricks and you know everything about skateboarding because you’re an internet nerd. Welcome to you too, anyway, because not everyone may be 41 y.o. and nostalgic as I am. The best way to flip through pages is with a close friend (I did it with the ever present Max P of course) that lived that era with you.
Authors are obscure names probably from Germany and from the amount of Swooshes I’ve seen through the pages and the smart absence of such a declaration, I suspect that this book has a back up of some sort from the most selling gymshoe co. on planet earth. Not a data, just a suspect, take notes! Technical data are the following: hardcover, 400 pages, more than 1000 pictures. Emotional data: priceless photobook.

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