Evin ● Tweed Gentleman’s Choice

The street is not the beach and viceversa, but let’s not forget that, since skateboarding was born as sidewalk surfing, there is a relationship among the two. Let’s one make one thing clear: this beachwear piece by Evin has nothing to do with your average surf trunk. Born as a concept one year ago, the first release from this brand saw the light of day a couple of months ago. Did you see this already on Bobos blog? Born from the creative mind of Luca Damiano, this made in Italy newborn has a long path in front of him. Unusual packaging but most of all top of the range craftmanship, together with an obsession for detail make this a specialty item. You won’t find it in skate or surf shop because the target that Edvin plans to reach is a bit higher than the usual standard that we deal with on daily basis here. Read high end. Essential, Gentleman’s Choice and Traveller’s Choice are the three collections for you to pick. From Gentleman’s choice here comes Tweed short. The classic of all classic fabrics in a piece like this looks tremendous, once you wear it. First its fit has the nicest drop ever and second the tweed is such an unexpected fabric for the beach that makes this an instant winner. On a very last note, under the flap of the back pocket there is a zipper that allows you to flip inside out this piece and turn it into a small pouch. Don’t look any further, gentleman: Evin is your beachwear of choice.

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