Family affair

It all goes back to when I was on Barcellona for the latest Bread & Butter trade show. Me and Fabio L went to check one of the finest shopping places there, Trust Nobody. At the door, when we finished our inspection and we were about to go home empty handed because of a) endless waiting b) no right size available of the New Balance I wanted to buy, we saw her. She was beautiful. Shinin’ to our eyes like Busta Rhymes jewelery in his videos. Sleek phisique and classy matching style. It was one of those “Sliding Doors” scenarios where either she comes with you or you go home alone. Me and Fabio L had some talking about what we saw, but this didn’t last longer than a month but I spent several months tryin’ to forget. Wandering on the old continent I slowly forgot her. But her features were so typical that once I stumbled upon her cousin the fire started to burn again. I was more than one thousand miles far from home and that family ends up on my path again. Why?! There must be a reason for this, I thought. So I started to give a closer look to the cousin and she seems friendlier, more down to earth, easier to get along with. This time I didn’t pass the opportunity: I grabbed her firmly and it all started from there. I lead a happy life now with her. Hell no! Not a girlfriend. Oh, did I say “She” all the time?! This Italian blogger worths 2 cents for what he writes. I meant “It”. I’m not talking about human beings. When in Barcellona I got in contact with a Vans x Crooks & Castles Half Cab so exclusive that it wasn’t for sale but a week ago, during my staying in Manchester UK, Pale @ Exit hooked me up with this beauty of a Vans x Crooks & Castles Freemont high and my life changed from that. I want to wear shorts all the time, even when it rains. I heard that crocodiles feel good in water. Even when the crocodile is fake. Do you think that Eric B and Rakim rocked real designer gear?

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