Famous ● Don’t blame t-shirt

You know I can never stay off Famous for too long, do you?! The California flavored streetwear brand by the one and only Travis Barker never stops dropping t-shirts with “that special something”. Remember that Matt Bianco told you not to blame it on that girl? Here we are on another wavelength: you don’t have to blame the famous.

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge Kanye West fan so when I saw this Don’t Blame t-shirt giving props graphically speaking to “The life of Pablo” I couldn’t believe what I saw. Basic is the new elaborated? All I know it that the above mentioned album lives up to the hype built around it and to find a tee that represents it in such a subtle way is what makes me happy to do what I do.

Famous always loved to get music involved in its collections (and always will). Nothing is safe from the thirst of music of this brand: from Black Flag font used for the Thank God for Punk Rock design, to the Trashed tee where you have logos of NWA, EPMD, Outkast, Run DMC and Beastie Boys ripped and pasted together to form the word Famous. The passion for music is strong here and considering that Travis Barker owns the brand it couldn’t be any different.

On an final note, you can check these pictures of Elena S and you may notice that the collar of the tee is smaller and beside that the fabric is way smoother than before. Don’t blame it on me if now you want to cop this t-shirt… Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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